• Chef Dede Turner

    Chef Dede Turner
    Dede tells us she's a much better chef now than when she was starting out in the late 1960's. In the years before the internet, she was an avid cookbook collector (she still has over 400 cookbooks) and recipe devourer (no pun intended).

    Now an avid user of the internet, Dede looks for recipes with 4 stars or more! Over the years, Dede employed family and friends as "testers", putting her own twist on the food of famous chefs. Her continuing pursuit of easy and tasteful dishes, both sweet and savory, is why Dede's recipes appeal to beginners and accomplished cooks alike.

    Dede teaches the Lunch and Learn classes on Friday's. If you catch her on the schedule for a Saturday TAB class, sign up immediately! You won’t be disappointed.

    In addition to great meals, Dede offers up tips and hints like:

    1. A kitchen is a much better place when you have sharp knives and good-quality cutting boards. They make a difference in the prep time and the final product.
    2. A good instant-read thermometer can save your beautiful medium rare roast from turning into jerky.
    3. If the ingredients are too hard to find, you probably won't make the dish. Unless you regularly shop at high-end markets, choose recipes that have ingredients you can find at Trader Joe's, Sprouts, local farmersí markets and your favorite everyday market.
    4. Don't be put off by the number of steps in a recipe. Try it at least once and then decide if you'd make it again.
    5. Try a recipe you've never made before and treat food preparation as one of the great adventures in life! If it doesn't turn out right the first time, make it again. If it doesn't turn out the second time, toss the recipe and try something else. It's not you, it's the recipe.
    6. The three best pieces of cooking equipment are: 1) a large Dutch oven; 2) a premium-quality skillet; and, 3) a pressure cooker.