• Chef Laura Pohopien

    Laura Pohopien
    Chef Laura (or Dr. Laura, as we like to call her) has been with the Village Kitchen Shoppe the longest of all our chefs. Laura is famous at the store for her “Knockoff” classes which usually sell out months ahead of time. Laura’s cooking interests lie not only in teaching but in “foodovating”: food + innovation, which means she likes to research, write and discuss trends in the culinary industry. To say Laura is a “go-getter” is an understatement! The list of accolades she can add to her name is impressive:

    Cal Poly Pomona- Professor
    Azusa Pacific University- Professor
    Symposium Speaker- Research Chefs Association:, Portland, 2014 (Collaboration in the Food Truck Industry)
    KFI AM 640 - Guest Host, The Fork Report
    KFWB AM 980- Featured Guest, Business Rockstars
    Dream With Me Foundation- Vice President

    A Phenomenological Study of Gourmet Food Truck Owners as Entrepreneurs (Dissertation) Social Entrepreneurship on a Food Truck (in peer review) Dinners from In The Pantry (Cookbook). Research Featured-specialtyfood.com on Collaborative Entrepreneurship.

    If you don’t see Laura in the kitchen, you might see her running from town to town. Laura enjoys spending time with her family, running, dancing, musical theater, entertaining, and of course, cooking!