• Chef Robbie Sorensen

    Robbie Sorensen

    Robbie delights in cooking and entertaining. An avid collector of cookbooks and recipes, Robbie has taken loads of cooking classes and cooked for family and friends for over 30 years. She also loves to frequent wineries, collecting recipes made with wine and pairing wine with recipes.

    Robbie has a big family and once hosted a Thanksgiving holiday where she cooked turkeys and honey-baked ham for 47 people! Her favorite recipes include “comfort” foods with sauces, hence her favorite slogan, "The Secret to Life is Butter."

    Robbie is a devotee of vocal music and sings with the California Philharmonic Chorale each summer. Ask her about it or, better yet, ask her for a sample! She prides herself in hosting an Oscar Party every year, complete with red carpet and champagne greeting. Her friends tell us that it’s so spectacular, they make Robbie take a bow when it's over!