• The Owners

    • Carol Harrell

      Carol Harrell - Carol Harrell, or “Carol too” as her parking place states, is no newcomer to owning her own business. Carol owned two successful businesses before deciding to try her hand in the cooking/kitchen world. Together with her business partner, Dede, Carol has helped revitalize the face of the Village Kitchen Shoppe. Carol has a knack for bringing new ideas to fruition and has incorporated everything from cooking class parties to bringing in new services for customers to utilize.

      One employee describes her as a speeding bus of ideas that the rest try to keep up with! With a positive “can-do” attitude, Carol brings a wonderful energy to the store. Carol is wife to Frank, mother to two grown daughters, Tammy and Kim, and a grandmother to her grandson Reece. In her free time, Carol likes to visit with friends and family, cook and garden.

    • Dede Turner

      Dede Turner - One of Dede Turner’s dreams was to own a business that satisfied her passion for cooking and gourmet food. After owning a successful catering company, Dede found her new dream in the Village Kitchen Shoppe. Bringing the store out of the 80’s and into the 2000’s was not an easy task. Dede used her knowledge and skills in the culinary field to bring user-friendly and tasty products to the store. Together with Carol, Dede helped bring back the charm and fresh product customers had come to expect from their beloved kitchen store. Dede’s knowledge of food, cooking and technique is impeccable.

      If you need to know whether or not an oil in the store is “first pressed”, Dede knows. Can’t figure out why you should use a smoked paprika versus regular? Dede will explain it. To Carol’s management “ying”, Dede brings a “yang”: perfectly balanced. Dede is mother to two grown daughters, Krissy and Phoebe, and grandmother to grandson Jake. In her free time Dede enjoys trying new recipes and enjoying family and friends.

    The Staff

    • Carol Turner

      Carol Turner - Carol Turner began her career at The Village Kitchen Shoppe during the Christmas season in 1987. She was shopping with her daughter Cheryl and stopped in when she saw a “Help” sign in the window. Carol says that The Village Kitchen Shoppe is the best thing that ever happened to her and she has devoted much of her life to the success of the store.

      Carol’s love for the store is evident in all of the beautiful displays. When you see our front window, the display tables, our baskets and anything having to do with décor, you see Carol’s heart. Carol has been an invaluable staple here and we have many customers who stop by just to see her. Carol’s passions are gardening, spending time with her daughter Cheryl and grandson Austin and loving her dog Chloe.

    • Kathy Bryan - Kathy has been a friend of the Village Kitchen Shoppe since the 1980s and has been an employee since 2008. Kathy enjoys helping our customers and making them feel right at home, when they're searching for that perfect addition to the kitchen.

      Kathy was raised in Glendora; is married and has two college-aged children (even though she doesn't look it). She also enjoys cooking, knitting, quilting, reading and walking her dogs.

    • Tammy Peters

      Tammy Peters - Tammy began her employment with the Village Kitchen Shoppe (VKS) on an "as-needed" basis in 2007 for her mom, Carol, one of the owners. As the store grew, Tammy was hired on to take care of social media, the VKS website and marketing for the store.

      You can also find her working Thursday nights in the Hands-On Classes! Tammy enjoys working with people and in the store. When asked to describe the store and her love for it, she has one word: "charming".